Frequently asked questions

We clarify all your doubts about the adventures of Adventure Running Trips.

Difficulty and physical preparation

For everyone, of any age, who has a minimum physical condition to run at their pace between 30 and 40Km and who has a minimum adventurous spirit

There is no technical difficulty beyond the distances, the frequent walking on soft sand in dunes and the heat and the need for hydration

No… and yes. People who want to make the journey walking 100% cannot come (too many hours and it detracts from the spirit of the trip). But, as this is not a competition either, during the stage each person will run or walk at their convenience, as they feel at each moment and according to the terrain in question.

A minimum physical condition is necessary to cover a mixed walking – running distance of between 30 and 40 km per day during 4 days. The rhythm can be smooth and adapted to each person, but the better physical condition, the more you recover each day and the more you enjoy each stage.

This is not a wristband trip with everything controlled. It is really an authentic and somewhat extreme trip by definition, but taking a few minimum precautions that we will explain makes that the whole experience does not pose a special risk in any aspect. The main risks could come from dehydration (which we will control a lot), from getting lost (we will have GPS, radios and 4×4 control), or a possible sting or injury (we will explain the minimum precautions).

About the trip itself

You will never run alone. For safety reasons, it is mandatory to always be together with at least someone from the group (it is not necessary to run in couples). But we will not necessarily all go in a group. Subgroups that come out naturally will be made. The faster ones will be the ones that may eventually finish first, and prepare “Mint Tea” for the slower ones by the time they get to camp.

NO. It is a self-guided route. Pure and lonely desert. But each participant will have an exact GPS track of the route and every 10Km there will be a control of the organization.

You will only run with a minimum but mandatory backpack. You will be very light, but you must bring a minimum mandatory material. We will give you the exact list of mandatory and recommended material. But don’t worry, you’ll be very light … As if you were going out for a morning run in autumn or winter with a little extra in your backpack.

It is advisable to bring your own GPS. For safety, for autonomy and to further disfunction. And it will always be mandatory to share the route with someone who has a GPS

We will be accompanied by a health worker (nurse or doctor) to do a minimum follow-up of the participants and to be able to help with the minimum cures or problems that may arise.

The organization transports your luggage from camp to camp every day. But this it is not about moving every day… Precise indications will be given of the type of luggage (dimensions and weight) that can be carried

Before and after the 4 stages running you will be like a Pasha. During the stages, one day you will sleep on the ground, another in a camp and another in a “shabby” shelter… but so special this shelter will be that you will remember it for all your life! (and it’s the only one possible in the area…)

What if...

If someone has a problem or is very tired and can not finish a stage, he/she will be picked up with a 4×4 from the organization and will be accompanied to the camp. If he or she recovers well, can try to do the next stage!

If you leave, you join the organization for the rest of the trip and prepare the best “mint tea” for the rest of your fellow adventurers.


Information on the possibility of traveling to Morocco can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: DetailRecomendacion.aspx? IdP = 119 . In the event that Morocco closes borders for tourists before the start of the adventure, it would be postponed and you could opt for a refund of the same amount or save the registration for the future date (which will be announced then).

As of 03/30/2021, Morocco closed the airspace for tourists due to an increase in cases in the country. However, from July 2020 to that date, the country was open for tourism. Forecasts for November are that there will be no restrictions, and that is why the dates are set and the trip scheduled.

To complete the registration it is mandatory to present travel insurance. It is not included in the price because you may already have one. But in case you don’t have it, we can offer you one. That said, it is important that this travel insurance has COVID coverage. Make sure that the insurance covers the possibility of cancellation by positive PCR before the trip, accommodation costs in the destination country due to quarantine or border closure, etc. Check the coverage with your insurer, or contact us to know the clauses of the travel insurance that we offer for Adventure Running Trips of our collaborating insurer IATI Seguros .

Yes. It is mantadory to present, before the trip itself, a travel assistance insurance with COVID coverage. In case your insurer does not have it, you can contract it with our collaborating insurer IATI Seguros .