About us

Meet the human and technical team behind Adventure Running Trips.

Albert Bosch Riera

Chasing a dream

Albert Bosch is an adventurer that has done of travelling with intense experiences hispassion . Beyond his expeditions to the polar zones and climbing the highest mountains of each continent (Everest included), he has run many of the greatstage racing adventures of the world and has done many running trips . And with the project “ART” (Adventure Running Trips) he makes his dream of sharing these experiences easily and affordably with other people who feel that same passion for discovering new territories in the simplest way possible: by foot .

GR11 Viajes

Passion for intense travel

GR11 Travel is an adventure travel agency founded in 2013 by Ignasi Calvo. Tireless traveler, adventure lover, he has organized and been part of the organizational team of expeditions to the Sahara desert, to Siberia, Mongolia, the ex-Soviet countries of Central Asia and others unique destinations in the world . Passionate about organizational challenges , especially if these are in incredible places like “ART” (Adventure Running Trips).